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Rebecca Now brings Elizabeth Cady Stanton and her history making speech to life. Women who fought for their rights in the 19th century had tremendous courage and persistence. They had no role models, and yet, they collaborated and strategized, and spoke out about the injustice that women were treated like lessor beings, without the right to their wages, an inheritance, and even their children. All were the property of their husbands. Elizabeth Cady Stanton gave an impassioned speech in 1848 at the Seneca Falls Women’s Rights convention, which is credited with launching the movement for women’s rights, including the right to vote.  Now joined by Susan B. Anthony and Sojourner Truth for a trio of Monumental Women. For Monutmental Women, go to the Events page on the menu bar.


Check for availability for Historical Re-Enactments or for Diversity and  and Inclusion events or  Suffrage Celebrations by contacting Rebecca Now.


“Everyone in the audience was mesmerized. Ms. Now is full of life and enthusiasm, and her field of knowledge is extensive.” Maxine Stone, Tuesday Women’s Association.

“Informative and inspiring –another message that is that even ONE person really can make a difference in the world.”
– Connie J, SuperHeroines, Etc.


Rebecca Now performed as Elizabeth Cady Stanton for a program I coordinated at the Missouri History Museum. Her performance was illuminating and engaging. Our guests responded well to her well-researched and entertaining performance. The Museum would love to have Rebecca back in the future!” –Aaron Poelker, Public Programs Coordinator, Missouri History Museum.