Book Now for Women's History Month

"The Tale of Seneca Falls"

Elizabeth Cady Stanton



Rebecca Now brings women's rights activist Elizabeth Cady Stanton to life in a three-part program:

  • The Tale of Seneca Falls - Elizabeth looks back at how it all got started, providing context for her famous 1848 speech at Wesleyan Chapel.
  • "We Now Demand Our Rights"  an excerpt from the famous 1848 speech given by Elizabeth at the first organized women's rights convention in Seneca Falls, New York.
  • Audience engagement -ask Elizabeth anything about her life, her times, and her journey.



 Rebecca Now is an award-winning speaker who calls upon the wisdom of notable women from history to inspire modern women in today’s world. Her detailed knowledge mixed with exceptional humor and enthusiasm is the perfect recipe for rousing any audience.

Now booking for the 2019-2020 Suffrage Centennial Celebrations.

For more information  for availability, please contact Rebecca Now.